Map Gallery

With Places2Note you have access to more than 220 global, local, hiking, biking and thematic maps from around the globe. Unlike paper maps, these live maps are being continuously updated, so you will always hold the most up-to-date map in your hands. In Places2Note you can create map overlays on top of base maps from Google or Apple. Most maps are also available for offline use. With our desktop app you can create your own personal map and print it as PDF.

Now you can get all these maps also on Apple Watch, use them offline and without the need to carry your iPhone with you.

In this gallery you can see some examples of our wide selection of local and thematic maps. These maps include world-wide topographic maps, satellite and aerial imagery, weather, geological and other thematic maps and a range of country-specific local maps. 

If you are interested in adding other maps, please contact our support team and we will work together with you to add such maps to the Places2Note app.