About us

Our Vision

We love our Planet Earth.

With Places2Note we want to give you a set of applications for all devices and platforms to help you to explore the world in a very deep and intense way, and share its beauty and special places with people who matter to you: your family, friends and people with similar interests. We want to provide you with a single platform to store all your favorite places and memories, new places you want to explore in the future, your favorite hikes, biking and running trails and much more.

We love Maps,

and we want to share this passion with you: With Places2Note you hold the most up-to-date maps for exploring, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities in your hands. No worries about getting a detailed, local map for your next adventure. We want to enable you to easily access all these maps online from our apps, and to provide tools for planning your trips and tracking your activities. In addition, you can store your maps for offline use or print your personal map as PDF.

We believe in the Power of Communities.

With Places2Note we want to provide you with a platform to contribute in all kind of crowdsourcing projects. E.g. if you love special trees, simply create a community and let people with the same passion develop and grow a geospatial database of special trees from around the world. We want to assist schools and universities from various countries in educating our youngest citizen in understanding connections between geography, geology, meteorology, biology and other science by providing thematic map overlays. We want them to feel the same love for our planet as we do.

Our Values

We want to provide you with an exciting and new experience to explore the world and see it with other eyes, more deeply and connected. We appreciate your feedback, comments, and ideas to make Places2Note a great platform for Thousands of people around the world.

Your privacy is paramount to us. We will never share or sell your personal data and places with any third party. You can find more details about our commitment in our privacy policy.

We made Places2Note for you, no matter if you decide for a free Basic plan or a paid subscription. It is only important to us, that we create a product you will love to use. This is what we are aiming for. If you like Places2Note, we appreciate your feedback on the app stores, our blog or by sharing your experience with your friends. In order to provide you with a great platform, to keep it Ad-free, and to support our hungry servers, we thank you for choosing a paid subscription plan.

Who we are

The Places2Note platform is developed by a passionate team of developers from the U.K., Germany, New Zealand and friends from around the world who support the localization of the software.


Your Places2Note team