New Version 2.2 for iOS and 1.5 for Mac

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Both new versions will bring you more detailed maps to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac (a complete list at the bottom of this message). In addition we've fine-tuned our app for Apple Watch, so you can enjoy your next outdoor activities right on your hand wrist.

We've also received a lot of valuable feedback from our users. One request was to bring monthly subscription options in addition to the annual model. With this new version we will offer you both, monthly and annual subscriptions for the Plus and Premium accounts. We will continue to offer our free Basic subscription, because we want to create an app and community for everyone who loves maps, travel and explore new ground.

Feature summary

  • The Map display of the Apple Watch Companion App now accommodates 1000+ Places.
  • The iOS and macOS Apps now offer a choice of Monthly or Annual Subscriptions.
  • There are now more than 200 supported map overlays.
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements.

New maps:

  • Global: various OSM map variants, Mapbox satellite imagery, Strava heat maps for running and cycling, trail overlays for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skating, riding, and winter sports
  • Argentina: IGN topo maps
  • Australia: Topo 250k, LPI NSW basemap, LPI NSW aerial imagery, LPI NSW Topo Map
  • Austria: Basemap AT, Basemap AT Orthofoto 30cm, Vorarlberg Topo Sommer, Vorarlberg Topo Winter, Vorarlberg OEK50, Vorarlberg Orthofoto 10cm, Vorarlberg Orthofoto Infrarot 10cm, BEV Flurstücke, BEV Orthofoto, Burgenland OEK50, Burgenland Flurstücke, Burgenland Gebäude, Wien Orthofoto, Wien Mehrzweckkarte, Tirol Orthofoto, Tirol Orthofoto Infrarot
  • Belgium: Vlaanderen GRB Basiskaart
  • Brazil: Folhas raster 1:25.000. Folhas raster 1:50.000, IBGE Mapa de Sectores Urbanos
  • Brunei: Open Street Map
  • Cambodia: Open Street Map
  • Canada: Toporama sub-regional and regional
  • Chile: Raster Zona Norte, Centro, Sur
  • Czech Republic: Zakladni mapa 1:10.000, Ortofoto, Hranice Parcel
  • Denmark: TopoKort 25, Cadastre Parcels, Terraen Skyggekort, Orthophoto 12.5cm, Orthophoto Infrared 12.5cm
  • Estonia: Topo 1:200.000, Metsanduslik Ortofoto, Ortofoto, Reljeefvarjutusega Pohikaart
  • France: French OSM variant
  • Germany: Deutsche Wander- und Radwege, Baden-Württemberg Maps4BW, DTK200
  • Greece: Orthophoto 50cm
  • Hungary: Turistautak
  • Iceland: Atlas
  • Israel: Hiking Map, Mountain Biking Map
  • Japan: GSI Orthophoto
  • Laos: Open Street Map
  • Latvia: Topo 1:200.000, Topo 1:25.000
  • Luxembourg: Topo 250k
  • Myanmar: Open Street Map
  • Norway: Toporaster 3, Topo, Toporaster 2
  • Palestinian Territories: Gaza Strip Orthophoto Infrared
  • Poland: Poland Orthophoto, Dzialki Katastralne, Mapa Topograficzna
  • Romania: Harti sovietice 1:50.000, Harti Austriece, Harti Siebenbürgen
  • Singapore: Open Street Map
  • Slovakia: Freemap Slovakia, Historic Maps
  • Slovenia: DTK50, DPK250
  • South Africa: Orthophoto, City of Cape Town Ortho
  • Spain: Topo 1:10.000, Orthophoto, Mapa Raster, Mapa Base
  • Switzerland: Kanton Solothurn Orthofoto 12.5cm, Kanton Solothurn Orthofoto Infrared 12.5cm, Swisstopo Landeskarte farbig, Swisstopo Landeskarte 1:10.000 farbig
  • Taiwan: Taiwan Topo, Taiwan Topo Contours, Taiwan Orthophoto, Topo TW
  • Thailand: Open Street Map
  • United Kingdom: OS Street View 1:10.000, OS 7th series 1960, OS New Popular Edition historic
  • United States: USGS Topo Maps, USGS Large scale imagery, USGS Contours
  • Vietnam: Open Street map

We at Places2Note hope you'll enjoy the new version. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for new features or new maps, please contact our support team.

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