New Version 2.1 for iOS and Mac

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With the new iOS release 2.1 we will bring the full power of Places2Note to Apple Watch. Now, you can access all your places directly from your watch, create and edit places, and record GPS tracks of your activities. In addition, transfer your detailed topographic maps from your iPhone to Apple Watch and use them offline! No need to have your iPhone with you all the time.

It feels so natural, to use these maps on a hike with the in-built GPS on Apple Watch Series 2. Places2Note can record your current activity and displays it on the map instantly.

You won't need any additional app, Places2Note will install on your connected Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 automatically.

Feature summary

iOS 2.1

New Functionality for the Apple Watch Companion App
• Create or Edit Places on your Apple Watch
• Record Tracks on your Apple Watch
• New overlay maps for Germany (Thuringia)

Mac 1.4

• New Map Providers for Germany (Thuringia)
• Compatibility with the new iOS and watchOS versions of the App

We at Places2Note hope you'll enjoy the new version. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for new features or new maps, please contact our support team.

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