New Version 1.2

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Places2Note is very pleased to bring our users a new version for iOS and macOS.

This release focuses on additional local and detailed maps, available as overlays and as download for offline use. Many of our users from the U.S. and Canada asked us to bring the very popular Toporama topographic maps of Canada to Places2Note... and now we have them for you:

Toporama Topo maps of Canada

In this release we included two resolutions of the popular Toporama maps with the CanVec data source:

  • Regional (if you want an overview of a larger region)
  • Sub-regional for detailed information with contours and hiking trails


This is a nice example how our both applications: Penmap - Mobile Geodata software and Places2Note could work together in the future. Last year Dutch Cadaster decided to update all their Cadastral maps with the help of Penmap. Now with this release of Places2Note we can bring the latest maps of The Netherlands to all our users. Currently available maps are:

  • Topographic map 1:10.000
  • Topographic map 1:25.000
  • Topographic map 1:50.000
  • Kadastrale Kaart


In this release we bring the Vlaanderen GRB Basiskaart of the Flandern region to Places2Note. These maps include overview topographic maps and detailed cadastral map depending on your zoom level. So you just need to select the map and Places2Note will show you the best resolution depending on your zoom level. We will extend the map offering for the other regions in Belgium in one of the next releases.


With this release we bring detailed maps of another German state to Places2Note. Now in addition to the states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hesse, Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia, Places2Note features maps and orthophoto imagery of Rhineland-Palatinate. The available maps include:

  • Topographic map 1:25.000
  • Orthophoto imagery with 40cm resolution
  • LIDAR surface model with 10m resolution
  • Cadastral map with parcels: current and from 2014
  • Historic map of Rhineland-Palatinate Prussia from 1843
  • Historic map of Palatinate from 1836
  • Historic map of Rhineland (Rheinlande) from 1803

We at Places2Note hope you'll enjoy the new version. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for new maps, please contact us at:


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